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      • Egr Valve:14710-3S501


      • Egr Valve:14710-1M203


      • Egr Valve:111 140 01 60

        111 140 01 60

      • Egr Valve:119 140 02 60

        119 140 02 60

      • Egr Valve:14710-1W601


      • Egr Valve:17096100


      • Egr Valve:03L 131 501 D

        03L 131 501 D

      • Egr Valve:11 74 1 742 711

        11 74 1 742 711

      • Egr Valve:46477364


      • Egr Valve:11 71 1 264 152

        11 71 1 264 152

      About Us

             Wenzhou Wenna Auto Parts Co., Ltd. locates in the capital of China Auto parts city, Tangxia, Ruian, Which was established in 2008. As a professional manufacturer, we specialized in research, development, and exportation of EGR valves. Now we have owned more than 300 models of EGR valves, VVT valves till the end of 2016.

             Our factory have strong production capacity and new products development ability with the most advanced produce and test equipments. Our testing lab including resistance tests, leakage tests, response and flow rates tests, etc. Our products have been recognized by domestic quality authorities and foreign customers.
            By our powerful production, designing and quality control ability, we are able to develop new items of EGR valves according to customers' samples and specifications. Our products are extremely welcomed by worldwide customers.
             Insisting to "all for customers, people-oriented and honesty first" company philosophy, Wenna would like to cooperate and share a good future with you. No matter where you come from, no matter what you come for, we welcome you here all the time.
             To be the most reliable and professional EGR valves manufacturer in China is our ultimate goal, and we have the confidence to let it come true.

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